Vienna, Austria

To operate an Airbus safely you need to trust your data

To operate an Airbus safely you need to trust your data

A lot of data are used to provide a safe and on-time operation of an aircraft as like an Airbus. For briefing pilots using software called Flysmart which calculates the maximum operational take-off weight and the center of gravity during take-off, flight and landing.

Some data needed for that are provided by commercial provider as like as Jeppesen, Lido and NavBlue. You need to trust them or you also can check those data.

I am familiar with airport analysis for creation of EOSIDs. I did this analysis for 15 years and I got a lot of experiences in that. In that way I was responsible for millions of passengers and their crews they always were depended to this task of mine.

I was also responsible for the Mass & Balance data in Laudamotion, an airline with an incredible mix of second-hand A320 in its fleet which contained a lot of different cabin layouts and equipment.

Every airport and every aircraft has got my full concentration to provide a safe operation in all phases of flight to prevent any damages or even losses on it…