Vienna, Austria

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Namiss

30 Years of experience in aviation / Airbus Flight Operation Engineering


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The Secret of Success


Never to be satiyfied with solution found first. Maybe there is a better or easier one…


Bringing ideas to live requires a well selected toolbox of skills.


Responsibility requires always to be focused on your task to avoid failures.


A good solution often requires  time which needs always to be spend with concentration.

“Curiosity and eager to learn how something works brought in-depth knowledge in different areas and enabled me to work meticulously into new areas.”


Project management is the process of achieving goals and meeting success criteria at a given point in time by applying specific methods and guiding the work of a team.

The application of these methods will help you to prevent your project to fail.


… helps to improve, optimize and automate business processes by using methods of discovering, modeling, analyzing and measure business processes. Most of all tasks are part of processes and there a lot of opportunities to improve your daily business.


No pilot will enter the cockpit without the tools and data provided by an aviation engineer. Together with all other departments, the engineer guarantees a safe operation of a commercial aircraft.


All data and charts are useless if can’t provide them to the right users at the time they needed it. Devices, network and software need to be optimized to the requirements of your company.

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